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La-di-dolls, inc. has been in business since 1986. I continue to hand paint each of our dolls to ensure the best long lasting quality that only comes from a handmade product.

Introducing the Mini doll. They are a 3" wood dress up doll and comes with a set of clothes that allow your kids to easily dress their own doll. They also comes with their own carrying case. Mini dolls are an adorable handmade wood doll with brown or blonde hair. They have velcro to make dressing up your doll easy. Mini dolls come with a complete set of 10 outfits.

The mini doll is a favorite of kids. Its very small and attracts a lot of kids attention. Its also a great quiet toy that is small enough to go anywhere with you. Children enjoy the size as well as the fun little games and stories they can make up using their imaginations with it.

Children of many different age groups can enjoy this doll. They are able to dress themselves as well as come up with hours of stories and games using their imaginations.

Kids love them for:
Quiet time
Car rides
Story time
Anytime or wherever their imagination takes them!

Mini La-Di-Dolls are 3" by 0.25" thick wooden dolls with Velcro to attach polyester felt clothes. Dolls are made from 1/4” MDF wood. Each doll comes with a set of clothes and their own carrying case.

The doll clothes come on a sheet of felt un cut. They are designed to be cut out on the black lines.

Please if you have any questions please contact us, we would love to help you choose the right doll for you and your kids.

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Please contact as soon as you get your package and if it is damaged or not what you were expecting I will refund you as soon as we receive the item back. I want everyone to be happy and satisfied with their purchase. So please don't hesitate to get in contact with me. Also we have a guarantee policy on our dolls that if something happens and it breaks. Please let me know and I can send out another doll.

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