La-di-dolls was created to help spark kids imaginations!

I am a mother of 5 young children. I am also a preschool teacher. Children to me are blessings and I believe helping a child learn and grow using their imagination makes all the difference in a child's upbringing. This is where La-Di-Dolls comes into play. When I was a young child I received a La-Di-Doll. I remember playing with this doll all the time. I would dress this doll up over and over again and used my imagination to pretend this doll went everywhere and every occasion I could think of. These dolls are the great spark it gives to a child to use their imaginations. Children of all ages love these dolls!

La-Di-Dolls the business has been running since 1986. When the first doll was created it was for a child's birthday. The moms at the party went crazy over this handmade product and how much fun it was. This was the beginning, La-Di-Dolls then decided to make a few and try to sell them at a local craft fair. They were sold out in the first few hours. The business then began to grow and La-Di-Dolls were being bought at many different local stores.

As the years went by things were still growing. Because of my childhood experience with them, I sought out the opportunity to begin making and producing these dolls. I love this opportunity to be able to make a toy that is handmade and brings children to use their imaginations as they play. I also love the fact that they are a good eco-friendly toy and down to earth toy. Our world has changed with technology and I believe a child still needs this kind of opportunity of a toy. I have decided I wanted to make a way that more people around the world could benefit from these dolls and could purchase one. Etsy was what I found that could do just that. Although we have just started our Etsy shop and we are still trying to get our name out there, my hope is the world finds out about these great dolls and the creative fun that comes with them.
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